Residential plumbing system

Residential plumbing system:

A Residential plumbing system is a kind of complex netwrok system which consist of fixtures and appliances, joints, water pipes for the supply of hot and cold water, vent pipes, drian pipes, traps, water storage tanks, etc. It either runs inside the wall (hidden) or on the walls. Residential plumbing system requires sewer experts denver for its treatment. Drain cleaning service denver and Denver sewer inspection are the processes done for the treatment of residential plumbing system.

There are three essential parts of a residential plumbing system:

  1. Water supply system (which allows flow of water inside the house)
  2. Appliances and fixtures (where water is used to carry out different activities)
  3. Drainage system (collection and treatment of waste water)

Residential plumbing systemPart 1: Water supply system-

There are 2 types of water supply system-

    • Direct water supply system: All water outlets present in the house get the water supply directly from the mains. Portable water is available at all taps (faucets). This is only possible where the water supply is available 24×7 with required water pressure which is sufficent enough to deliever water at the deisred pressure at all the taps (faucets).
    • Indirect Water supply system: Water is supplied to the storage water tank via mains pipe. Further, the water is supplied from the water storage tank to the house outlets. Indirect Water supply system is useful where supply of water from mains is not available. This water supply system is also at those places where water supply from mains does not have enough pressure to supply water at all taps with desired pressure.
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Part 2: Fixture and Appliances-

Various appliances annd sanitary fixtures are used as outlets in houses-

      • Appliances: Dishwashers, Water softeners, Water heaters, Washing machine.
      • Fixtures: Bathtubs, Laundary tubs (exterior silcocks (bibs) and toilets requires only cold water line), Sinks.

There should be a specific water pressure and water flow for all fixtures and appliances. The required pressure for fixtures and appliancees should be less than 5kg/cm2 (50 m head) and greater than 1.2kg/cm2 (12 m head).

Water outlet is controlled by taps (faucets) at fixtures and appliances.

Part 3: Drainage system or Waste water disposal-

In this system, the collection and treatment (disposal) of waste water takes place.Used Water first flows through the drain traps before passing through the drainage pipes.

      • Trap: It is a U-shaped pipes which holds and collects the standing water and do not let the foul sewer gases to spread and enter into the room space.

Drainage system fully depends on the gravity for its working.

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